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Hermetic Scroll
Compressor Suppliers

Hanwest supply Sanyo hermetic scroll compressors within Australia. These compressors can be used directly as exact model replacement parts or as alternative models for retrofitting older systems where the original parts are difficult or impossible to obtain. Hanwest can advise you on generic part replacements of non-Sanyo models in air conditioning, heat pump or refrigeration units.

Sanyo scroll compressor
Sanyo scroll compressor

Efficient with low noise

As scroll type compressors, these Sanyo units are highly efficient in terms of consumption of electrical energy while producing low levels of operational noise and vibration.

Reliable and Long Lasting

Because of a simple lightweight design, scroll compressors are highly reliable and typically have long service lives.

Our Range

Please see the range we currently have in stock, all of which are available for immediate delivery.

Sanyo C-SB series

The C-SB series units are able to work with single-phase from 9.7kw up to 16.4kw or three-phase from 9.6kw up to 19.5kw power.

Sanyo C-SC series

Compressors in the C-SC series operate with three-phase power from 23.6kw up to 36.1kw.

Additional Items

We supply crankcase heaters to suit any of the scroll compressors listed above.

We also have suitable phase fail protection relays currently in stock!

If you repair or retrofit air conditioning, heat pump or refrigeration units, call Hanwest on (02) 4283 5377. Due to efficient stock level management, we are able to consistently provide a fast turnaround on orders of Sanyo scroll compressors Australia-wide.

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