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Liquid chillers:
Water chilling units for
fruit and vegetable
pre-cooling or hydro-cooling

Campbell energy efficient fresh water liquid chiller units are ideal for fruit or vegetable hydro-cooling or pre-cooling. They rapidly reduce freshly harvested produce temperatures prior to cold storage to prevent dehydration. They supply continuous untreated fresh water at between 0 and 0.5°C. Our range of Campbell liquid chillers will suit fruit and vegetable growers. They can also be used by dairy farmers for milk cooling and in various industrial settings.

Model CACLC-28LT-FS Air Cooled  Liquid Chilling Unit
Model CACLC-28LT-FS Air Cooled Liquid Chilling Unit. Output Temp 0.5⁰C

Manufactured in Australia

Manufactured in Australia, they are supplied factory tested and just need the power and water connected and simply switch on.


Our high quality, low maintenance package liquid chillers have capacities from 8 kW to 30 kW and are usually available EX Stock for immediate delivery.

Model CALC-16LT-FS Air cooled fresh water chiller.
Model CALC-16LT-FS Air cooled fresh water chiller. Output Temp 0.5⁰C


The very latest in energy efficient Scroll Compressors are used in the CAMPBELL chillers along with high efficiency refrigerant to water heat exchangers (liquid chilling evaporator). With large capacity condenser coils the chillers are suitable for ambient temperatures of up to 45°C.

All heat exchangers used in our water chillers have 19mm water tubes with both internal and external surface extension providing a high level of heat exchange efficiency combined with low fouling characteristics for reliable operation.

Model CACLC-8LT-FS  Air Cooled Liquid Chiller.
Model CACLC-8LT-FS Air Cooled Liquid Chiller. Output Temp 0.5⁰C

No more expensive refrigerant replacement as our chillers use R290 (refrigerant grade propane) that is an extremely efficient and low cost refrigerant (no carbon levy applicable). The refrigerant charge using R290 is approximately 40% less than other refrigerants. The total refrigerant charge in a 28 kW chiller is less than in the LPG cylinder on the family barbeque.

Temperature control is provided by an electronic control with a digital display. All models are equipped with PPLC control with Run indication and Fault diagnostics.

Chiller Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are provided with each chiller so the installer can ensure that the chillers are installed safely as required for equipment using flammable refrigerants.

Hanwest LTLC-FS series liquid chilling evaporator.
Hanwest LTLC-FS series liquid chilling evaporators are standard in all CAMPBELL liquid chilling units.

Best in the World!

Without doubt the best chillers in the world for chilling fresh water close to the freezing temperature.

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