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In Australia's notoriously hot climate, air conditioning controls have the important job of regulating and modifying temperature and humidity. These controls typically allow the setting of parameters for a desired heating/cooling regime. To do this they utilise sensors to gauge the actual temperature and appropriately adjust various components of the aircon system to move room temperature and humidity towards user-defined settings.

Hanwest designs and manufactures air conditioning controls in Australia for residential and light commercial markets. Historically, Hanwest's strong reputation in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control systems was developed from being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These days our main focus is supplying Australian wholesalers with quality HVAC components. Our air conditioning temperature controllers and AC control systems are easy to install and are user friendly.

HAN-L62 Air Conditioning Control Unit

The advanced process model HAN-L62 air conditioning control unit utilises microprocessor technology.

Residential and light commercial air conditioner controller - HAN-L62
Residential and light commercial air conditioner controller - HAN-L62

A popular choice by technicians, the HAN-L62 is for use in Reverse Cycle , Cool only / Element Heat, add on cooling coils with warm air furnaces and Chilled Water / Hot water systems. With 7 day programmable timer, backlit screen and easy to read display, the HAN-L62 is easy to use and with its sleek and modern design, this controller will blend into any style of d├ęcor. Add the optional zone relay card (PCB-086) and you can control as many as 6 motorized dampers via the HAN-L62 touchpad without needing any further wall switch plates. The HAN-L62 is ideal for retrofitting most older AC systems.

Supporting Documentation

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FCS-301 Fan Coil Systems Panel

High rise apartment AC thermostat operating panel - FCS-301
AC thermostat operating panel for high rise apartments and hyoliday units - FCS-301

Our latest release for Fan Coil Systems used in High Rise Apartment and Holiday units is the FCS-301. Suitable for reverse cycle, chilled water/element heat, chilled water/hot water with element heat back up applications.

HDC-203 Defrost
Air Conditioner Control Board

Defrost control - HDC-203
Defrost control - HDC-203

For comprehensive control in outdoor condensing units, the HDC-203 is a universal controller handling defrost function, variable speed of outdoor fan motors in both heat and cool modes and protects the compressor against anti cycling.

WCS-201HS Water Cooled
System Controller

Water cooled system controller - WCS-201HS
Water cooled system controller - WCS-201HS

The WCS & DES range of controllers are suitable for all types of air conditioners. Their smaller profile with basic but practical settings make them ideal for controlling temperatures in High Rise units and Apartments. For use in water cooled and air cooled systems, they are available in zoned and non-zoned formats. The controls provide for 3 speed fan operation, 12 hour timer and FAN ONLY-COOL - HEAT and AUTO function.

Remote Control Devices

Remote sensor RSP-100 series
Remote sensor RSP-100 series

Remote sensors are available to suit all Hanwest controls and come in wall mount (RSP-100) and duct mount (RES) versions. Standard lengths are 5mt, 10mt and 15mts. Longer versions can be made to order.

Remote control kit IR-2001 series
Remote control kit IR-2001 series

The IR-2001 makes an ideal retrofit controller for most systems including Ducted, High Walls, Cassettes and Under ceiling units. The power relay board includes condensate pump output and float switch input for use in cassette systems. Each kit comes complete with stylish hand held remote device, receiver board, power relay board and all necessary sensors with leads. With the outdoor coil sensor included in the kit, the IR-2001 relay board has built in defrost function.

Retrofit Solutions

The various electronic control boards can be used as generic replacement parts when retrofitting existing systems. Our thermostat panels are excellent for keeping energy costs to a minimum while maintaining optimal temperature and humidification. The versatility within our range of controls make them ideal for most air conditioner retrofit solutions.

All Hanwest thermostatic control products are available through most major refrigeration and air conditioning wholesale suppliers, Australia-wide.

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